Volunteer Opportunities at Chamberlain's

Volunteer Opportunities

Mentoring: Make a difference in a child’s life. Foster children may not have families to guide, teach, or nurture them . They need role models just like all kids do.

Wellness Center: We are looking for fitness & yoga instructors, cooking & nutrition instructors, muralists, & carpenters. These individuals are needed to run demonstrations or to complete projects.

Tutors: We are looking for one-on-one tutors who are available during classroom hours and/or after school.

Work Days: The last Saturday of April we have a huge work day on campus. We are looking for carpenters, electricians, roofers, painters, landscapers and anyone else willing to put on a pair of gloves or pick up a shovel!

Board of Directors: We are looking for people who are passionate about the welfare of children who have been victims of abuse or neglect and are interested in joining our board to help with fundraising, financial analysis, and strategic thinking.

Please contact Denise Cauthen-Wright at denise@chamberlaincc.org
or (831) 636-2121 x129 for more informaton about volunteering.


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CCC Partners with United Way of San Benito County

CCC partners with United Way of San Benito County
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